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Family Reunification

If you have family members in Germany, this can result in a right of residence for you, regardless of whether you are already living in Germany or still abroad. As a rule, your family members must have a clarified residence status and your family has be able to support its livelihood and have sufficient living space.

Eligible family members are for example spouses and children. In the case of a marriage, it is irrelevant whether the partners are of different sexes or of the same sex. Even after a divorce, you may be able to derive a right of residence from your previous marriage. Residence rights can also arise in so-called patchwork families, where at least one parent brings a child from a previous relationship into a new family.

If your family members have been granted refugee recognition or subsidiary protection status in Germany, you may be able to move to Germany under eased conditions. → asylum

We will be happy to advise you with regard to your family’s particular situation. If parts of the family are still abroad, they generally have to apply for a visa. → visa